I was wounded in the house of my friends

Zechariah 13:6. And one shall say unto him, “What are these wounds in thine hands?” Then he shall answer, “Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.”

There are at least three applications to this verse from Zechariah who wrote so much on Israel, her Messiah and the end time scenario for Israel and the Nations who come against her.

1, Firstly, in context we can see that this verse in relation to the verses before it is teaching about false prophets and their visions.

2. Secondly, verse 7 clearly speaks about Messiah, the Shepherd of God, who is also referred to within verse 7 as God’s fellow, being His equal, His Son, the Anointed One. So our key verse along with verse 7 shows us Yeshua/Jesus being wounded in the House of His friends – Israel. It was the Roman soldiers and the power of Rome, the Gentiles who carried out the act but the Jewish leaders wanted this and so Jew and Gentile are responsible.

This analogy and allegorical picture is seen even more clearly as we cross reference these verses with Zechariah 12:10.

And I will pour upon the House of David and upon the
inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of
supplications; and they shall look upon Me whom they
, and they shall mourn for Him, as one mourneth
for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for Him, as
one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

3. Thirdly, we can now apply this verse to ourselves for every time I use this in preaching at other Churches and ask how many have been wounded in the Church (The House of God) by their fellow believers most hands go up!

Surely, this has to stop! Otherwise we are to give an account to the Lord.
See Matthew 12:36-37. Romans 14:12 and 2 Corinthians 5:10.

Surely, as we grow in discipleship and learn to love one another as our Lord taught us in John 15:12 we should be speaking healing words and never hurting words. This was His new command to us His people.

Surely, we should forgive as Messiah has forgiven us. Colossians 3:13.

In my own life as a pastor I have been wounded in the house of my friends. These have come from those who are already hurt or damaged from elsewhere and these wounds can also be traced back not just to disputes, envies, personality clashes etc but to their childhood or within their developing years as an adult. It takes patience, love and grace to try and see restoration in their life. A pastor has to wear his heart on his sleeve and expect to receive stabbings or insulting swipes just as with our Lord.

a) Some have been un-teachable due to un-teachable hearts, others have not yet crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Instead of the Beautiful Attitudes within the Beatitudes taught by Messiah they are subject to the Devils Beatitudes which are listed under this title in our Teaching Articles.
b) Some are babes in Christ, please see the teaching on what Spiritual Babes are within the Teaching Articles page.
c) Some have become tools of the Devil, again read the very clear teaching on The Dangers of Demonic Wisdom within our teaching Articles. For some the training of the tongue is a life long vocation!

Perhaps the most hurtful wounds are where you have helped or assisted, showed love and understanding and have prayed for a brother sharing in the Kingdom work, who then turns on you because of their immaturity as an adult and a believer, these wounds then can be the hardest to bear.
Each of us will have a story to tell. Mine is about one particular relationship where it was difficult not to return measure for measure but to walk on in grace and holiness of life. The verbal and written attacks, sniping, mischief making and downright lies over the years since 1994 where the truth was twisted to suit had to be borne with sadness. Personal attempts at reconciliation were refused, as well as through others as witnesses, one of them a pastor then being verbally attacked for his efforts with all others just being ignored through fleshly excuses. Truly, the flesh will justify the flesh when it wants to and all this from a Bible Teacher who knows the teaching of James 3:1. The Bema Seat will not be a pleasant experience for those like this whether they be a teacher or a believer. If we do not love our brother then the love of God is not within us. If we give ammunition to the ‘enemy’ as well as to those who oppose the Gospel of our Lord Yeshua then our gifting is stained and corrupted before the Lord. Repentance is the life and death principle of the Holy Scriptures given by a Holy God. Our Lord will have a Bride that is without spot or wrinkle.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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