Multimedia Resources

Multimedia Resources

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Here is a list of some old Christian documentaries and teachings that we have watched over the years and that we've found useful in our walk...

Please note that as an eldership we do not necessarily support every doctrinal aspect of every teacher or ministry. But the content provided we have found useful.

Please also note that the content of these documentaries is very powerful so please pray  before watching, and if these messages are to be passed on to others - please pray and ask the Lord for heavenly wisdom in distribution.

Above all, 'Test all things; hold fast what is good' - 1 Thessalonians 5:21.


Adoniram and Ann Judson 

Amy Carmichael 


Corrie Ten Boom 

Eric Liddell 

George Muller 

Gladys Aylward 

God with us

Harriet Tubman 

Jim Elliot

John Bunyan  

John Newton 

John Wesley 

Martin Luther 

Mary Slessor 



Pilgrims progress

Richard Allen 

Richard Wurmbrand 

Robert Thomas 

Samuel Morris 

William Booth 

William Tyndale 


Exodus revealed

Patterns of Evidence - Exodus

Sifting the evidences

Bible Films

John's Gospel

Luke's Gospel

Mark's Gospel

Matthew's Gospel

The Apostle Paul

The book of Acts


Jon Hus: A journey of no return 

Corrie Ten Boom – A faith undefeated 

Gladys Alywards – A small woman with a big God 

John Bunyan - the peoples pilgrims

John Wesley - The faith that sparked the Methodist movement 

Newton's Grace: The True Story of Amazing Grace

Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand – The underground pastor and his wife 

The life and testimony of Fanny Crosby 

The story of George Muller 


Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny


God of wonders  

Is Genesis History?

The atheist delusion  

Unlocking the mystery of life

Wonderfully and fearfully made  

Emerging Church

The roots of the emerging church movement  

The Submerging Church  

End Times

Countdown to eternity

Israel, Islam and Armageddon  

Megiddo I - The March to Armageddon

Signs and wonders movement exposed (Part 1)

Signs and wonders movement exposed (Part 2)


Eschatology Course

Download PDF course (Part 1) | Download PDF course (Part 1)

01. The Foundational Issue: Allegorical or Literal?

02 The Pre-Millennial View and The Alternative Views .

03. Dispensations Part 1 – A World History Overview

04. Dispensations Part 2 – Characteristics of Dispensations

05. Dispensations Part 3 – The Pre-Tribulational View

06 The Tower of Babel (and the ‘River’ of ‘Mystery Babylon’) .

07. The Abrahamic Covenant

08. Does Israel Have a Future? (Covenants and Geography)

09. What Really Happened at Pentecost (and Unfulfilled Feasts)

10. The Mystery of the Church (Part A)

11. The Mystery of the Church (Part B)

12. Will the Church Go Through The Tribulation?

13. Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Daniel 9

14. The Rapture of The Church (and the ‘Bema Seat’)

15. The Monster Stirs

16. The Seals, Trumpets and Bowls

17. The Beast

18. The Satanic Trinity

19. The Woman Clothed with The Sun

20. Evangelism in The Tribulation

21. The Run-Up to Armageddon

22. The Run-Up to Armageddon

23. The Second Advent of Jesus Christ

24 Does Russia Have a Future?

25. The Millennium (Part 1)

26. The Millennium Part (2)

27. Eternity Part 1 – The Great White Throne and The Eternal State

28. Eternity Part 2 – The Fulfilment of God’s Plan: Back to Eden


180 (abortion) 

Audacity (Homosexuality) 

Hell's best kept secret  

What love is this?

Family Films (parental discretion advised)

Play the flute

For the glory

Remember the goal

The Cross and the Switchblade

The hiding place

The secret of Jonathan Speary

Time changers



Judgement day  



Replacement theology  

Who's land is it anyway?

Jehovahs Witnesses

The Shocking Truth Behind Jehovah’s Witnesses: Updated 

Witnesses at your door  


Bible vs the book of Mormon  

Mormon cartoon

The God makers  

New Age/Occult

Beyond seduction  

Gods of the New Age (Dave Hunt)  

Psychology and the church  

Return of the Nephilim  

Revival of Evil (Dave Hunt)  

They sold their souls for rock and roll  

Yoga uncoiled  

Roman Catholicism

Another Jesus (Roger Oakland)  

Catholicism: Crisis of faith  

Messages from Heaven

Testimony of former Catholic priest Richard Bennett:

The Papacy

True Polish Christian History

Woman Rides the Beast (Dave Hunt)