The Facts of the Gospel Unfolded

1. The Condemnation of sinful men, opposed to God – Reprobate
minds and dishonoured bodies.
Romans 1:1-32.

2. The Explanation of God’s dealings with men, and God’s verdict
of Guilt.
Romans 2:1-3 & 18.

3. The Propitiation for sin by the death of Christ, a sinless
Romans 3:19-26.

4. Our Justification through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 3:27-31.

5. The illustration of how God justifies the believer in Christ.
Romans 4:1-25.

Condemnation – to pronounce judicial sentence or judgement
against a person or persons.

Explanation – to give understanding and the clarification
of disputed points.

Propitiation – to make well or to appease through atonement
for our sins.

Justification – to be free from blame or guilt and to be declared
righteous through His grace and mercy.

Illustration – pictorial matter used to explain the text.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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