The Believer’s Resurrection

1. Our Resurrection Belief –

a) It is a Fundamental belief – if not:

1) The Word of God is a falsehood.
2) The Work of Christ is a failure.
3) The Witness of the Spirit is a farce.

b) It is a Factual belief – because of:

1) The Power of it – our Lord Jesus rose from the dead the third day.
2) The Proof of it – many saw Him.
3) The Prospect to come – the Rapture.

c) It is a Fervent belief – through:

1) The Song of the living saints …
“O death, where is thy sting.”
(Death could not hold Him or us His people)
2) The Song of the raptured saints …
“O grave, where is thy victory.”
(Just as with His grave ours is to be empty)

2. Our Resurrection Bodies –

The Promise of it:
a) They are the same bodies …
(Jesus proved that to doubting Thomas)
b) They are to be splendid bodies …
(this mortal shall put on immortality)
c) They are to be spirit bodies …
(like His glorious body)

3. Our Resurrection Bliss –

The Pleasure of it:
a) We shall be like our Glorious Lord.
b) We shall be in a Glorious Land.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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