Although very dull in appearance and common-place, especially in towns and cities, the House Sparrow, with its cheeky and pugnacious ways is full of daring and character. Have you ever seen a "squabble" of sparrows (my own term), a bundle of raucous quarrelling little birds, often with feathers flying, or have you seen one of these little dare-devils attack a much larger bird such as a pigeon?

Jesus certainly took note of sparrows, which is hardly surprising as they are part of His creation, for Christ is interested in every part. He tells us in Matthew 10 verses 29 and 30 that a sparrow cannot fall to the ground outside of God the Father’s will and that we are more precious than many sparrows. How many does God regard as being equal to one human being? Surely all the sparrows that ever lived are not equal in value to one person. Did not Jesus die for us!

Do you not know that in one sense our redemption even covers the sparrows? Yes, there is an inseparable link between our salvation and the natural world, which Romans 8:19-22 tells us is in bondage waiting for release. This can only happen when the last person has been gathered into the kingdom of God. Therefore even the sparrows have a message for us; they are telling us to evangelise the world. Next time you see one, think about it.

Date : 30/11/-0001    Author : Philip Tollett

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