No Other Name


A name can carry a lot of weight. If Joe Bloggs wanted to attend an important function, but was uninvited, the chances are he would not be allowed entrance. But if any President or Prime Minister attempted to do the same, I’m sure the doors would be quickly flung wide—open.

We live in a confusing world where there are so many differing ideologies, philosophies and religions, which though they may have some things in common, when closely examined contradict each other considerably. Although differing so much, each claims to have the truth and the key to eternal fulfilment.

Many religions have been started by individual personalities. Christianity is no exception to the rule. However its founder differs from those of other religions in some remarkable ways. Although many religious leaders declared that they were sent or commissioned by God, only Jesus Christ claimed to have lived with God in the beginning and indeed the Bible says that as the Logos or Word of God he brought the whole creation into being. ( John 1:1—3) This is indeed a remarkable claim, and if true (which it is), makes Jesus Christ to be unique. In fact nothing less than God Himself, for only He can bring life out of nothingness!
Another remarkable claim the Bible makes about Jesus Christ, making Him different from all other religious leaders, is that He is still alive, whilst all the others are dead! Many saw Him die on the cross. A Roman soldier made doubly sure, by plunging a spear in Christ’s side after He had died. After His resurrection He was seen alive by more than five hundred believers at the same time (1 Cor 15:6) Not to mention people who saw Him individually, or in small groups. The Bible says that He is at God the Father’s right hand awaiting the appointed time when He shall return to judge the world.

The fact that Jesus Christ is both the Creator and God is substantiated by His authority over the powers of darkness. Even the demons obeyed him. But more than that, He accepted the worship of human beings. Were He not God, then He would never have received their worship. His authority is backed up by the abundance of miracles He performed, proving that His power came directly from God the Father. The gospels are full of Christ’s miracles. Paralytics were made to walk, the blind received their sight and even the dead were raised back to life.

The Bethlehem happening reveals to us that Christ was miraculously planted in the womb of a virgin and so took upon himself human nature. He thus laid His power and glory aside in heaven and came to this sin—cursed world to redeem a fallen race.

Some would lay a blanket of silence over the name of Jesus. Others would degrade Him by making him to be something less than He really is. Some say His mission was incomplete and fell short of God’s purposes for the world, claiming that the baton of responsibility has been handed to them. They put themselves in Christ’s place and say ” Follow me!” This is the line so typically taken by false prophets who Jesus said would arise and to whom we should not listen.

Salvation is found in NO – ONE ELSE! Only the name of Jesus opens the door to salvation and eternal life. Men of ability and fame may find entrance into places where we lesser mortals can find no admittance. But if they desire to be saved and enter heaven, being delivered from the judgement of God and hell, then like everyone else they must come through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. All who will believe in and accept this wonderful Jesus, God anoints with His Holy Spirit who gives them power to live lives pleasing to Him. Also an inner witness, a kind of guarantee that they are saved and have an inheritance in heaven. (2 Cor 5: 5 and 1 Peter 1 : 4 )
And all this because of the mighty name of Jesus.

Date : 30/11/-0001    Author : Phillip D. Tollett

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