Created By God, Restored By Jesus


When we take time to look around ourselves, to investigate, to reflect on the variety of everything around us we can only wonder at the creative mind of our God.

No wonder then that when the astronauts returned from the Apollo mission to the moon, most of them became committed Christians. ( Christ in us ). They had looked upon the earth and knew within themselves that there was a Creator.

This same Creator knew that through free will all of us are sinful ( Romans 3 :23), but He had within the plan of things given us a way of restoration to himself through his One and Only Son. God who is spirit became man, to experience his actual creation and yet to remain sinless showing us how to lead our lives.

This is the great truth of the Holy Bible, Jesus the Christ, the prophesied Messiah coming to give us a way back to God and conquering death. Only through Jesus can we gain eternal life with our Creator, through acceptance, belief and confession, yes it is as easy as A,B,C.

Or is it ? Let us look at John 3 :3, here Jesus is teaching Nicodemus, a recognised teacher within Israel and a Pharisee, a religious leader of his day that he had to be born again. Religion, church attendance etc is not the way to God. Only Jesus, out of all the prophets that men follow blindly, said " I am the way, and the truth and the life, no–one comes to the Father except through me " ( John 14 : 6 ) Pause and contemplate that statement because through it you must make the biggest decision of your life, for our years are numbered as the psalmist wrote.

Once you accept Jesus as the way, believe he is the truth, confess and follow him in life you will be born again. Nicodemus and the rest of the Jewish people (chosen by God to reveal through them His plan of salvation for mankind) before Jesus, had the animal blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of their sins. Now their way of salvation was to be through the man Christ Jesus– God’s Only Son who was the foretold Messiah, believing that the blood covenant was to be completed through him. His would be the last blood sacrifice to bring us back to God, to be born again from above.

So why then have so many Jews not accepted Jesus as the messiah from God? Why have so many of us not accepted Jesus as the way of restoration to God the Father? Why have so many followed other prophets instead of the greatest of them who has the truth ? Why have others followed false prophets who have changed the way of salvation and the character /deity of our Lord Jesus Christ ?

The answer is simple, the Holy Bible is God’s word to us and for our lives. It tells us that the god of this world had blinded the minds of the unbelievers ( 2 Cor 4 : 4 ). It tells us that there will be false teachers and prophets. It tells us to persevere and to hold fast to what is irrefutable, that Jesus is the only way to have salvation leading to eternal life.( Acts 4:12 )

Are you spiritually blind ? Has the world and it’s ways trapped you into not caring, there is always tomorrow, live for today etc. etc. Or can you see the light ? Do you want to know more ? The Holy Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:25 not to stop meeting together as some are in the habit of doing. Are you beginning to realise that this Book of books has the answer to everything in our life ? No wonder, God created us and He knows our ways, that is why we can be restored to him through Jesus. Jesus said "I tell you the truth, you must be born again". " Are you ?"

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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