Whose Job?

The church should be there to disciple
Those that the flock have drawn in
The kingdom grows, when we witness
To the wonderful fact, that God’s made a pact & dealt with our problem of sin!
For He paid the ultimate price
When He gave us His wonderful Son
The Lamb of God, supreme sacrifice
Through Him, Heaven’s joys have been won!

It may take time to ‘grow’ a disciple from just a believer in Christ
One needs to spend time in the bible praise God often for His sacrifice
One turns from ‘believer’ to be a ‘receiver’
This is the way to move on
It’s thrilling & fulfilling as one talks to Abba Father
As co-equal with Jesus the Son!!

Be Aware!

Never underestimate your enemy, at any given time
He looks for any chink in your armour & he’ll turn to any crime!
So just be aware, that he’s always waiting there
Very keen to pounce, if you step out-of-line
So don’t give him that satisfaction
Keep short accounts with the Lord, all the time!

Date : 02/02/2020    Author : Jenny

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