Where will you spend eternity?

Religion cannot save you, neither can ‘systems’ nor men,
Or empty rites and rituals repeated again and again!
None of this ever cleanses, every heart needs to change,
Faith alone in Christ’s Blood Sacrifice breaks the chains,
Which have bound all mankind since Adam and Eve
It’s essential to be ‘born-again’ and know whom you believe!
No angel or flesh in ‘religious’ clothes, entitled priest, vicar, bishop or Pope
Can promise any one of us heaven,without Jesus we haven’t a hope!
For Jesus alone is the great high priest and we have no need of another –
If we had, then the question is; Why would God have gone to the bother
Of coming to earth, clothed with flesh as a man?
From this world’s foundation, it was His divine plan!
And He carried it through till debt of sin was satisfied
The Father heard ‘It’s finished!’ as the Son of God died,
But thanks be to God that’s not the end of the story
He rose, ascended, glorified and He’ll return with power and glory!
Someday every eye shall see and every knee must bow
He longs that none should perish, so repent and trust Him now!

Genesis 6 – 8 give account of the flood, bold Noah, by faith, stood alone
Though people mocked and scoffed at him, floods came and they were gone!
Please note – it was the Lord and not Noah who closed the ark’s door
When He shuts the door of mercy, you might wish you’d called before!
But, by His grace, He still knocks at ‘the door’ of each heart,
Longs to give all who seek Him a completely fresh start!
So prepare yourself now, by asking Jesus inside
To consume your whole being for which He suffered and died.

Behold, today is the day of salvation, one day each will be standing alone
I’ve written this poem, desperately pleading you’d know Him, who gave His all, every sin to atone
If you don’t want to know Him, you’ll remember this poem
On Judgment Day standing at God’s Great White Throne!!

Date : 01/01/2020    

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