To You at Christmas

To you, my Friend, these lines I send,
At this Christmas time of year,
To let you know I think of you –
Because to God you’re dear.
But I would fail that Manger Babe,
If I did not clearly tell,
That ahead of each of us there lies
A Heaven or a Hell.

Two thousand years ago or so,
Jesus came from Heaven above,
Then He went alone to Calvary’s Cross
Because of His great Love.
But you and I and all mankind,
Must come, repent, believe,
Accept a personal Saviour now,
His Mercy to receive.

This tinsel it will pass away,
The rush and bustle too,
The commercial side of Christmas time
Will fade just like the dew.
Yes one day soon He will return
To take the ‘saved’ ones Home,
So if you are not Born Again,
If you hear His Voice – do come!

And yes, when you are Born again,
You’ll need to grow in grace,
Just read your Bible every day,
In prayer then seek His face.

Tell others of your Saviour,
Who blotted out your sin,
Who wrote your name in Heaven,
And gave you peace within.

A separated pathway
Is taught in God’s own Word,
So keep your garments spotless
Until you see your Lord.

Date : 30/11/-0001    Author : Mary E McBride

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