To Know Him is to Love Him

Psalm 34 v 8

‘Ye must be born again’ is what the Bible clearly says,
But few the TRUTH are seeking, so generally speaking,
People are embarassed by this phrase!
I remember many years ago, I didn’t understand,
So how could I see, what God expected of me,
Or know of the abundant life He had planned?
I had the usual questions ” Why am I here?” “What’s life about?”
But just too shy to voice them, I remained in fear and doubt!
Now I’m older in years and experience, and I’ve hopefully matured!
By God’s revealed grace, I know my Saviour’s embrace,
HE DIED IN MY PLACE, so my future’s secured!
Not through anything, I have deserved or done,
But John 15 says I’m a chosen one!
I didn’t choose Him, but He first chose me,
And whom the Son sets free, is really free!

John 3 v 3


Date : 30/11/-0001    

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