Thoughts on Worship

  1. Is there a whisper of frustration
    Within the church body?
    Just a little desperation
    Or is it only me?
    Who feels we’ve lost it somewhere
    We might be a little OTT?
  2. If it’s not Hillsongs then it’s Vineyard
    We practise these week-in, week-out
    Is the Holy Spirit struggling
    To be heard above the shout
    And the clamour of our programmes
    Or have we drowned Him out?
  3. The world sees us happy-clappy
    Outside are we really real?
    Have we truly met with Jesus?
    And gone beyond the veil?
    Or are we flowing along, singing every new song
    No real change in our lives, no wind in our sail
  4. What’s happened to discernment
    There’s a good ‘old-fashioned’ word
    But I haven’t heard it lately
    Many more have never heard!
    I feel God’s heart – long for repentance
    Let’s get real before the Lord!
  5. Now we “cater for all ages”
    “Excellence at every turn”!
    Where’s the balance in our worship?
    Many for a hymn would yearn!
    We seek to “impact nations”
    Yet we’ve so much to learn!
    We’ll give account to Almighty God!
    & it’s so close to Christ’s return.

Date : 12/04/2000    Author : Jenny

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