The Way of Salvation

Nothing is too big and nothing is too small
To place in God’s hands, He watches over all
Things may look complicated – you might feel that that’s the case
God knows absolutely everything and there’s nothing we can’t face
When He takes us by the hand and leads us where we think we cannot go
It’s amazing how we find all things begin to flow
When we’re in tune with His Spirit and we’re following His plan
There is nothing better that will thrill the soul of man!
So – come to Him afresh, come to Him today,
Let nothing of your self be standing in the way,
Of the fullness that God wants all of us to have,
No matter what your age – it’s you, Jesus came to save!
He’s waiting now, He won’t force His way in
But He’ll come by invitation and wash away your sin!
He’s washed mine away and I remember the day!
The angels had a party, they sang up in heaven
Over a sinner who repented and had sins forgiven!
So – even if you’re 90 God can birth a seed in you!
I know that He is willing, but you must be willing too!!

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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