The Tapestry

See the picture on the frame it’s there,
Woven in, each worry, each care.
See the green,
The envy and strife.
The times I worried and took control of my life.
See the blues,
The sad seeds I’ve sown.
I should have looked up,
But alas looked down.
The yellow, the mauves,
They all tell their tale,
I, myself through high seas sail.
And thick is the black,
Sin rampant running through,
Pursuing the green, mauve, yellow and blue.
But wait there’s the needle,
With thread in the eye,
Bright red crimson,
Born on the wind of a cry.
Silently weaving,
Amid each morbid hue,
First covering green, mauve, yellow and blue.
Ah, rich is my life,
The blood of Jesus running through,
Each tiny stitch covered,
I’m cleansed and born anew.
We all have a tapestry of life to lay claim,
But it’s only complete,
When we call on Jesus’ name.
So let’s weave our colours,
Mauve, yellow, blue and green,
But make sure the crimson,
Is the first to be seen.

Date : 01/01/2004    Author : Elsie Whittaker

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