The Slumbering Church

Not another coffee morning to keep the church roof on!
Just what are we doing to bring glory to the Son?
All around we see, the church proclaiming poverty
Not unlike much of the world around outside
We’re supposed to have got, something wonderful the world has not
So why should people want to come in, to join with this glorious bride?!

Here comes another jumble sale, we’ve done it all before.
Jesus overturned the tables, within the sacred door!
Ecclesiastes declares ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’
What has been, will be again, until the church ages have run!

We hear about “acts of worship” – what exactly does that mean?
Are we wearing a mask on a Sunday, or are we, what we seem?
People claim to be, a ‘practising’ this or that, or the other.
The repentant thief ending life on the cross recognised His Lord at Golgotha!

So what’s’ going on, in the church of to-day
There is such a lot, of sentimental rot & ultimate decay
Millions rushing towards hell, Rome & Islam doing well.
Satan’s ‘rolled up his sleeves’, ‘cos he certainly believes
That the Lord’s coming back soon any day!

Date : 02/02/2020    Author : Jenny

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