The Scarlet Harlot

The scarlet harlot rumbles on, her goals forever the same
Tactics have altered, but changing dogma continues misusing Christ’s name!!
The ‘whore of Revelation’ is alive & well to-day,
Making pacts with many nations, until they’re in her sway!
All religion is ‘ordained’ by man, read the warnings in God’s word!
Our only true hope of salvation is found, in Jesus Christ the Lord!
For He is the only priest we need, to mediate with God,
True believers’ sins forgiven, paid by Jesus’ precious Blood!

[Religion comes from the root word ‘religaire’ which means to bind but, hallelujah, a relationship with Jesus sets us free!]

**12th December 1984 Pope John Paul 2 said, and I quote, “Don’t go to God for forgiveness, come to me”!! (blasphemy) Oddly enough he later (sadly) stated He owed everything to Mary!!!

Date : 01/01/2020    Author : Jenny Halligan

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