The Prodigal Sheep

The Lord is my Shepherd says Psalm 23
That means we’re like sheep! and we are, I’ll agree!
Just too often we think, I’ll go my way instead
God’s way’s always best, on our own we’d be dead!
He’s provided so well, all the things that we need,
Not the things that we want, out of envy or greed.
He gives us protection, from all that would harm
His wonderful love is so full, free and warm.
He tells us not to worry, just to listen to His leading
But sometimes we can’t hear His voice, we’re just too busy bleating,
About knots in our wool, and thorns in the way
How heavy our burdens, when we go astray!
Then somehow through the ‘storms of life’, we hear that strong, yet gentle voice
He gently leads us back again, so that Heaven may rejoice
Because the sacrifice God made for each and everyone
Has been worthwhile, for each dear child,
Who wants to be a son – or a daughter for that matter!

John Chapter 10

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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