The Long Drop – from Head to Heart

There may be comfort in what we’ve always known
But great danger could lie in false security
We might need to let go of some tradition
It’s the condition of the heart the Lord can see.

So as we relinquish our grip on ‘religion’
and embrace the one true God who lives
We will know real joy in salvation
Through the peace and assurance He gives.

There’s nothing higher or better which will fulfil
Or truly satisfy this life on earth
Knowing Jesus Messiah, born to die for all men
But Hallelujah! ‘Raised to give them second birth!’

Are you going through the motions of ‘religion’?
(Unregenerate) – No signs of change to see?
Have you truly encountered the living God?
Who transforms the vilest sinner, fits them for eternity!

Only He can remove our burden of sin,
That assurance from Him sets us free!
But until we ask Him with sincere plea of heart,
A just God can’t by-pass His gift of liberty!

To accept or reject His offer of life,
Is surely a momentous decision?
For acceptance is LIFE, while rejection brings death,
Eternal bliss or eternal separation!!

Why choose death?!! Are you in your right mind?
When God gave His best, which He desires for us all
He only asks us to believe, from Him abundant life receive,
He ‘neither slumbers nor sleeps’, He’ll never fail to hear your call!

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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