The Cross of Jesus

That wondrous Cross roughly hewn; was where my Saviour died;

I’d heard about it from afar, but I never even cried.

And then the nails they pierced His hands, a thorny crown adorned His head,

And do you know I turned away, did something else instead.

Oh the agony as He hung there aloft on Calvary’s tree,

He paid the price for all my sins, but it didn’t really interest me.

He was tormented and blasphemed, not a word in self defence,

He just asked Father forgive them; you know, it just didn’t make any sense.

Then one day in trouble needed, Jesus my dear Lord,

I called to Him and He answered, but He didn’t say a word,

About the times I betrayed Him, or how my back I turned,

He didn’t even whisper, of how His love I spurned.

He just opened up His arms, and welcomed me to Him,

It was me who said I’m sorry, for my stubbornness and my sin.

I trusted Jesus as my Saviour, my friend He’s all to me,

But it never would have happened, but for His sacrifice upon that tree.

So next time you hear the story, of Jesus on the Cross,

Don’t turn your back like I did, for it will be your loss.

If you hear Him calling, please don’t turn away,

Just remember He is near you, He is only a prayer away.

He wants to love and comfort you, eternal blessing to bestow,

But if you don’t respond to Him, how will you ever know.

Date : 02/02/2020    Author : Elsie Whittaker

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