The Christian’s Hope (Approaching Death)

Realising my quality of life is gone,
Why would I want to struggle on?
When I’m aware I’ve a mansion that’s waiting for me,
Where my spirit will go, when death sets it free!
What a blessèd and glorious hope is mine,
Countless blessings beside, a destination divine!
Nothing that I have deserved or done,
But the gift of my Father, through Jesus His Son!
My penalty He paid in full, to meet my deepest need,
I rejoice in the truth of John 8:36 ‘Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!’


When the sun sets on a Christian’s life,
The “departed” says goodbye to pain, sorrow and strife!
Even Christian’s find parting is painful, though there’s assurance in our hope,
That the God of all comfort, whose grace sustains, enables us to cope,
But for the loved one gone before, all is peace & perfect rest,
In the Saviour’s blissful presence, and by Him forever blest!

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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