The Best is yet to be

I’m not looking back, I’m not looking forward
I’m not looking left and I’m not looking right
But I’m looking up to Jesus, my saviour
I know I won’t sink as long as He is in sight!
I’m enjoying the ‘now’, because that’s all He’s given
But I’m glad He’s preparing my mansion in Heaven!
From the Bible I see some of what is in store
For all who would choose to love and adore the King of all Kings – JESUS THE NAME
Only Saviour of mankind who from Heaven’s glory came
To seek and to save all those who were lost
So could that apply to you? – Have you counted the cost
of not knowing Him as your Saviour and Lord?
Be true to yourself – can you really afford
To put off any longer what’s on offer today?
Jesus held nothing back, He went all the way
To purchase your pardon, so you could go free
Sin’s price was met, paid in full at Calvary!
So how dare we offer Him anything less
The Father sacrificed His Son – gave us His very Best
How dreadful to hear at the end of life’s journey
God asking ‘who are you’? – nought to do with ‘unworthy’
But because you neglected or rejected God’s gift
He’s already done all to cover the rift
That our sin had created – He couldn’t do more
That leaves the ball in your court – So how do you score!!?

Date : 02/02/2020    Author : Jenny

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