Study the Word and Talk to your Father

(Acts 2 v 42) (John 15 v 16)

When we come to know God as our Father we should desire to learn more in Christ’s school,
When we begin to discover the great I AM we should gladly submit to His rule,
We should want to enthrone Him as Lord in our hearts & bow to His sovereignty,
For this is our key to the missing peace that so eludes humanity!
So why do we keep going back to our sin, constant warring of flesh & the Spirit within?
When we’ve tasted & know that the Lord is so good,
What makes us want to taste again regurgitated food?!!
Only God, our Creator, our marvellous maker, can fill that ‘God shaped’ hole
– That dreadful hollow emptiness that’s deep in every soul –
Which we may have tried to fill with so many different ‘things’.
But there’s nothing like the satisfaction knowing Jesus brings!
Only then may we abide in the vine & though He’ll purge & refine,
It’s always for our benefit, although it’s painful at the time!
God’s will, will be done & He will see to it.
He’ll prune & then bless us, so that we’ll bear more fruit!
O that people might see & praise our Father in heaven.
As we simply obey the Word He’s already given!

Date : 02/02/2020    Author : Jenny

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