So Much Religion – So Few Saved

Eternity looms for the whole human race
Death not an option, for earth’s populace!
The choice is straightforward – it’s heaven or hell!
No purgatory to linger in, poor Catholics robbed as well!!
We’ve JWs & Mormons, along with other man-made cults,
But our jealous God, long-suffering, puts up with these insults!
Now Muslims ‘believe’? but can never be sure
If good deeds outweigh bad, so no security there!
There are Buddhists, & Hindus, millions clinging to false hope
When these poor souls are facing death, do false gods help them cope?
Well, many think they’ll be re-cycled – that’s a nasty, cruel lie,
When God’s book states so clearly ‘man’s appointed once to die’!
There are many broad roads, which men say lead to bliss?
The one to Heaven, very narrow, an utter tragedy to miss!
Our righteousness ‘as filthy rags’, we must accept what God has done,
When He came to earth, in human form as Jesus Christ the Son!
He knew He would be tortured, & must die in pain, alone
Holy redeeming Blood, shed once, but ever offered to atone!
Now the Jews are no exception,
EMMANUEL – HE came as one of them!
Though would seem few believed, yet enough the Truth received
For God’s plans to ‘turn the whole world upside down’!!


There’ll be countless ‘believers’, only seconds into hell!
In Luke 16, the plain truth states they don’t fare very well!
Still, all have free-will, ‘til the last breath is drawn,
Just don’t forget, that fate is sealed, no u-turns when you’re gone!!

Date : 01/01/2020    

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