Saviour Rock

Saviour Rock on which we stand,
Lift us up to higher ground.
Long in the valley we have lay,
Still, you’re our strength,
You’re our stay.
Now we hear the upward call,
Father you’re our all in all.
No other God we look upon,
You’re our strength, you’re our song.
A heart of praise we lift to thee,
Mighty God we bend the knee.
At your table we’ve come to dine,
I am yours and you are mine.
A blessing awaits a heart of praise,
So let us sing, an anthem raise,
To our Majesty, so Holy so true,
The Mighty God, who pardoned you.
So closet us Father, under Your mighty wing,
And our hearts praise to You we will sing.
Glory, glory to You our King,
Prayer, praise and worship,
To you we will bring. Amen.

Date : 01/01/2005    Author : Elsie Whittaker

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