Saved to Serve

In this land, now so ignorant, of God’s most Holy Word,
It’s really quite amazing, just how often may be heard
Even these days, quotations straight out of God’s Book!
Opportunities for us to say ‘Well, let’s just take a look!’
But do we know it well enough? – is it ‘hidden in our hearts’?
So we may withstand the onslaught, of Satan’s constant fiery darts?
If you would go onward and upward, you’re of special interest to him!
You need your armour bright and ready, don’t let any piece grow dim!
Take heed what I say – Satan has you marked out,
Using everything and anything to distract you – no doubt!
So don’t neglect our gatherings, attend as many as you can!
And don’t fall asleep, it’s so important to keep, constantly renewing your ‘inner’ man!

[Here is how I came to write the above – Jenny]

As I watched the sun rise early Sunday morning (4/1/15) from the spare bedroom window, it was appearing with a red glow. I repeated ‘Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning’ thinking, that is straight from your Word Lord. Then it came to me that in recent weeks, 2 people I know (neither of them Christians), one in Burnley & one in South Australia (via computer) had said to me that ‘There was no rest for the wicked’!! When my friend in South Oz ‘said’ it at the end of November, I was able to reply immediately “Well you’re not going to believe this but we read that straight from the Good Book last night at our Bible Study!” The poem flowed from these thoughts……………….!

Date : 30/11/-0001    Author : Jenny

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