Regrets, Repentance and Restoration

Lord, You see my heart, my tears,
In the depths of my spirit, You know all my fears,
That are not for myself, but are burdens for all
Who mock and abuse, who reject and refuse
Or just won’t respond to Your call.
No matter what name or religion we claim
Catholic, Hindu or Muslim – for all it’s the same,
Even the Jew needs to be ‘born again’!
There are those, many close, who have wandered and strayed,
I’m frightened for them Lord, You know I’m afraid.
There’s so little time left, for them to turn back
To return to Your fold and get back on track!
I ponder all You’ve said Lord in Romans Chapter One
It makes my blood run cold when I think of what I’ve done,
Or what I haven’t that I should have, all opportunities I’ve lost!
And let Satan have his way, though You’d already paid the cost!
But You knew of all my failures, yet still You’d pledged to pay,
Your mercy making obvious Your grace sufficient for each day!
And though the days are growing darker Lord
I’m glad in You we need not fear
If we keep focused and obedient, we’ll see redemption’s very near!

P.S. How much worse things are becoming on a daily basis!!! Keep sowing, praying, gossiping the Gospel! God will take care of the harvest for ‘many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord!’

Date : 01/01/2011    Author : Jenny Summer

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