Recalling 9-11

* see John 16 v 2b *

The scenes on 9/11 can never be forgotten!
The world gazed, dazed in disbelief at NYC Manhattan.
The first plane struck, great palls of smoke,
Brought gasps at scenes of horror,
The second plane ‘melted’ into tower two,
Bringing further scenes of terror!

There are no ‘back doors’ to heaven
The thread of life is very slender,
We don’t know ‘what a day brings forth’
God alone knows what’s on a day’s agenda!!

There are many people who leave this world in any given day,
Because it’s their appointed time – in this we’ve little say!
Many lead such careless lives with little thought about tomorrow,
Tomorrow sometimes doesn’t come & many reap eternal sorrow!

Rev 18 v 10 Prov 27 v 1 Heb 9 v 27

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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