Passover – The New Covenant

On a lonely hill, long ago, far away
Stood three stark crosses, one dark day
Nailed above His bleeding head, in three languages it said
“THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS” – whom they slay!
God, the Father, knew exactly, what would happen to His Son,
God, the Son, chose willingly, to do what must be done!
Fulfilling Scripture, He rode a donkey, into Jerusalem city.
What a welcome!!! But by week-end fickle men showed little pity!
The week started out with hosannas & praise
But what a turn of events in a matter of days!
So this was the climax, to 33 years on earth,
Main reason He’d left heaven, to suffer death, for our ‘new birth!’
Everything that happened, part of redemption’s plan,
For the whole human race – Jesus ‘carried the can!’
(No disrespect intended, but using language of to-day)
Wise men still seek Him – He’s “the Truth, the Life, the Way!”
He’s such a gracious, loving saviour – why don’t more people want to know?
Don’t wait till wits-end corner, to find He cares & loves you so!
Believe He’ll help you if you ask Him & lead you with His mighty hand
He’ll protect & guide, if in Him you abide,
‘So don’t miss out on all He’s planned! Especially your mansion in the Promised Land!’

Date : 01/01/2020    

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