Nothing new under the sun!

(Ecc 1 v 9) Malachi 3 v 6a, Heb 13 v 8

The world tries to eradicate Jesus,
Just as it did way back then!
Which exposes the open rebellion
Against God, that’s inherent in men!

It began in the Garden of Eden
With the first couple Adam & Eve
Instead of trust & obey, they tried their own way,
Giving Satan free reign to deceive!

He is still roaming round like a lion,
Seeking whom he will devour,
He knows all too well, how to populate hell!
And that Jesus may come any hour!

We are in the ‘last days’, that’s for certain,
The world’s in turmoil, there’s chaos & strife!
But, by God’s grace we’ll cope, in the glorious hope,
That Christ’s Blood purchased eternal life!

All He asks us to do is believe this
Fully trust, do not doubt, receive Jesus!
Don’t follow your feelings, be led by His Word,
Take Jesus as Saviour, yield to Him as Lord!

Matthew 6 v 33

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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