This Holy state of marriage, created by God on high,
A companionship for life till one of you should die.
Before God this day you take your vows
And all you hold most dearly, to each other you endow.

Marriage is a steadfast, caring sharing thing.
When to each other all your love you bring.
A partnership made strong by daily giving,
An altogether warm and tender way of living.

Pray for wisdom and respect each other’s point of view,
Walk daily by our dear Lord’s grace in everything you do.
Each day tell each other that you care
And never take for granted him or her so fair.

Remember, many young folk are not privileged like you,
To have been called by Jesus Christ and know His promise true.
Besides giving you each other, the Lord gave to you His faith,
The greatest wedding gift of all, God’s love, God’s hope, God’s grace.

Date : 01/01/1980    Author : Winifred Reilly

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