Loving My neighbour

(Since God ‘planted’ me in this estate, I feel compelled to tell folks of the fate
That is sealed by rejection of God.
For God has made every provision, and warned us about the deep chasm,
Which cannot be crossed, by souls eternally lost
So it’s here we must make our decision, if we want God’s assurance of heaven!)

What kind of a friend would I be?
If I never told any one other
Of the hope that is bursting in me
Of the river that’s flowing, grace and faith that’s been growing,
Like the acorn becomes an oak tree!

I see people around me are dying,
In the hum-drum of life, they keep trying,
To pick themselves up, to fill up their cup
With despair in their eyes, I discern their souls’ cries,
They don’t know what for, but I’m certain it’s loving!

There’s one special love well worth having,
It’s supreme and it’s based on the Cross
But sadly today, many just turn away,
But when death overtakes, no excuse or mistakes,
Can compensate man’s greatest loss!

So if this poem has appealed to a void within your soul,
You now need to turn to Jesus Christ,
For He alone can make you whole!
Are you heart-sore and weary and the pathway nought but strife,
Then ask and let the Prince of Peace completely fill your life!

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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