Judgement Day

We daren’t declare ‘denomination’ before the throne of God
Our confession must be Jesus & His all-atoning Blood!
To hear ‘Depart – I never knew you’ – how dreadful that would be
After all the lengths God went to, to rescue you & me!
‘It’s a fearful thing, to fall into, God’s hands’ its written in the book!
Someday many will come to that knowledge but sadly too late to look
& Appreciate what the Creator has done for His creatures imaged here below
Reconciliation ministered, at the Cross so long ago
Please read what God tells us while you are still here
Heaven’s promises, hell’s warnings are made abundantly clear
& So ‘we are without excuse’ proclaimed in Romans chapter one
God the Son, was sacrificed to redeem all wrong we’d done!

‘Before the Throne of God above’
Number 975 in Mission Praise

Date : 01/01/2011    Author : Jenny

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