Jesus Weeps

Will no one intercede for my people?
Will no one go, no one pray for the ones l died for?
Does no one care that I weep for the ones that are perishing?
Will no one stand in the gap for those I love?

Why are my people so self-centered, so selfish?
Why is my church asleep, will no one stand in the gap?
Why are their hearts so cold, so uncaring?
Does anyone care?
Will no body go for me?

Why are they so fearful when I have overcome the enemy?
My people perish and no one takes it to heart.
I weep in the day and weep in the night says The Lord,
But there’s no one weeping for my people who I love.
Arise and shine, put off your fear for nothing will harm you.
Do not be afraid for I am with you says The Lord.

Will you go, will you stand in the gap?
Will you pray, will you have compassion?
Will you have thought for those who are drowning in sin, the sin I have paid for in full?
Oh this wicked generation, this heartless church as never it was.
Will you go, stand in the gap for me? For them?
Rescue them with your prayers, rescue them with your tears?

My heart breaks for my people.
My word is a lamp to their feet, but no one will speak it.
My word is the word of life that sets the captives free and breaks his chains.
Speak out, shout aloud, stop being afraid, there’s nothing to fear.
I go behind you says The Lord, I am your rear guard.
Who can stand against you when I am with you?
Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
I will move when your hearts break for the lost.
Pray night and day, stand in the gap, do what others won’t.
If you love me, speak up, fear not,
For I am with you says The Lord.
Go ’

Word given to Mark Nolan, written by Ruth after been woken by The Lord to pray for the lost.

Date : 01/01/2015    Author : Ruth

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