Here we go again

Each year people go through this frantic routine,
Compelled to ‘do Christmas’, what does it all mean?
Food banks, job losses, the country is broke,
But let’s just pretend it’s some horrible joke!
The pressure to buy, at an all-time high,
Thousands couldn’t explain the supposed reason why!
Which is part of the ongoing Santa Claus lie!
People just seem, expected to get,
Up to their necks, in mountains of debt!
Which somewhat takes away from the celebration and joy,
Of the ‘adopted’ birthdate, of this unique baby boy!
Let’s forget winter chills, along with January bills,
Which inevitably come at New Year,
Let’s see what’s on telly, our ‘God is our belly’?
Pour another beer, let’s ‘enjoy’ Christmas cheer!!

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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