God’s Purpose in Creation and Recreation

God made mankind to worship Him
But He gave everyone their freewill
Man chose to devise all manner of gods
After 6,000 years he’s doing that still!
Even when God’s shown us the way to please Him
Is through faith in His wonderful Son
& Though many ‘messiahs’ have made their own rules
God says there’s still only one way to come!
Generations have heard but still many must hear
Of Jesus the Saviour – ‘men’s hearts (are) failing them for fear’
Around the globe natural disasters of Biblical proportions
Hurricanes, droughts, floods, famines, along with volcanic eruptions
Birth pains of the planet are increasing & fast!
God’s pre-ordained time – the die’s already been cast!
The time for salvation is always to-day
For God is I AM & He won’t go away!
But He does say ‘my Spirit will not always strive with man’
So repent, receive forgiveness & confess Him while you can!
The ‘door of mercy’ soon closed, in the ‘twinkling of an eye’ –
With the Lord’s sudden appearance, His chosen will fly!


Luke 21v26

Genesis 6v3

Exodus 3v14

Date : 01/01/2011    Author : Jenny

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