Easy Believism versus Discipleship!

Easy believism, a curse in church today,
Happy-clappy, diluted messages,
Feel-good factor, user-friendly,
‘Clean up your life’, not repent and obey!
Little fear of God apparent, do we perceive who He is?
People drift in and out, come and go as they please!
Disciples instructed, equipped to go out
Are we claiming to be one of these?

Are you walking in your own strength?
Ever going round & round
Though you’ve sung a hundred times
‘Lord plant my feet on higher ground’!!
You can’t be a Martha until you’ve been a Mary first!
Because the stress and strain, will show through pain,
You’ll suffer anxiety ‘burn-out’ again and again
So seek the kingdom first, otherwise you’ll come off worst!

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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