Depression ran my life until I let Jesus take over!

When my life looked cosy and rosy to anyone outside,
Only God observed the tempest in my soul.
I was so weighed down with sin, I wept bitter tears within,
Only meeting Jesus Christ could make me whole.
Deep down I knew, with my life I couldn’t cope,
Quite literally, I had reached the ‘end of my rope’.
Still God, in His wisdom, knew all my despair,
His Spirit watched over, though I wasn’t aware
Of His mighty protection, until the time was right,
Then He took me from dark to His glorious light!
The Lord’s timing was perfect, to get my attention,
I was so desperate for Him, that at the very mention
Of the name of Jesus, a light “switched on in my soul,”
My spirit sprang to life and by grace, I was whole!
‘Old things had passed away’ and I was made new
Just like it says in Chapter 5 of Corinthians Book 2!
I now know that ‘faith can move mountains’, God says it in His book,
Along with many other promises, (They’re there) we only have to look!
I was so incredibly bound, when Jesus came to me
But all these years on “down the line”
PRAISE GOD – I know I’m free!!

John 8 v 36 (again!)

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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