Depression from “Behind the Scenes”

I know depression’s, a terrible affliction
It saps every ounce of energy, strips us of all direction
We’re obsessive with self-pity, fear takes over, rules our life
We feel downcast, failed and useless
There’s no peace, only ‘aggro’ and strife!
I thank God for men’s skills, and even some pills
Which have helped, when it’s really been rough
But there came a time, to step over the line,
In God’s strength to know, that enough was enough!!
Now people and pills ‘treat’ the symptoms
But they can’t heal the spirit and soul
Which is right at the heart of the matter,
JESUS CHRIST – He alone makes you whole!
That’s because He is the Prince of Peace
And can give you right-standing with God!
He can even make joyful your footsteps,
Where before in deep clay you had trod!
He’s the Physician above all the others,
Who heals us and meets every need.
I know I’ve been healed, where man’s knowledge has failed,
So I’m not just asking – I plead,
That you’d open your heart to the Saviour,
Who can deal with your burden of sin,
With Christ in your heart, you can have a fresh start,
Knowing God’s cleansing power from within!!

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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