Creation sings
A glorious song,
That fills the earth,
For all to see,
Waterfalls triumphant,
A glorious crescendo,
The babbling brook,
A gentle song,
Natures soprano,
Bird song fills the sky,
The breeze quietly whispers,
A gentle lullabye,
Creations splendour,
Is never ending,
A symphony of beauty,
For all to see,
Who is the Conductor,
Of this great orchestra?
Who holds the baton, Invisibly?
Lets rejoice in the beauty,
Of earths great glory,
A testimoney of love,
For all to see,
Oh praise the Composer,
Of this sweet aria,
Our God hath done this,
For you and me.

Date : 01/01/2005    Author : Elsie Whittaker

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