Count the cost

When you come to a knowledge of Jesus,
Repent and ask Him into your heart
You have ‘new birth’, so very essential
But believe me, it’s only the start!

There’s a life of adventure, just waiting
To be discovered, afresh every day,
By putting Him first, all things fall into place
Daily aim for this goal, you won’t stray.

Now I warn you, there’s someone else waiting,
To do all he can to destroy,
The peace and joy you’ve received from salvation,
But resist him, because that is his ploy.

God grants him permission to test you
So you’ll prove Jesus’ much greater power
To grow strong in the Lord, read daily His Word,
And use God’s strength to conquer each hour!

Someday, when this battle is over,
Free from flesh, we forever will be!
Believers clothed in a ‘glorious body’,
Bought by Jesus Christ’s humility!

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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