Christ-Mass Unwrapped

Christmas can’t be ‘christianised’, no matter how you try!
For Christ was never in it and here’s the reason why: –
Emperor Constantine never converted, but wanted political sway,
Be-friended pagan nations all around him in his day!
This then led to the set-up, of the Vatican’s great harlot church
Alpha-Rome not Omega, state religion, not conversion, leaving precious souls in the lurch!!
So Rome assimilated ‘Christ-mass’, then with Passover hi-jacked too!!
began severing all Jewish roots, while allegedly worshipping Jesus the JEW!!??
Still Yeshua had a birth like us, but it wasn’t His beginning!
Spirit-placed in Miriam’s womb, then born to die for all our sinning!
Sentiment has clouded truth so long, God’s Word nullified by church tradition!
But when the Lord revealed the truth to me, the time had come for clear decision!
I had acted sincerely, but in ignorance, now that was no longer the case!
As I thought about Christ’s Judgment Seat, how would I answer face-to-face?
It’s the truth that sets us free, that’s pretty black and white to me!
Truth now was ‘laid upon the line’, no more pretence that it was fine
to continue with this ingrained lie, God confirmed in rhyme explaining why!
Those who responded just hadn’t a clue, but bless them because they thought they knew!
it was due to worldly excesses we always see, and they thought the decision had come from me!!
The scriptures* He kept giving, could not be ignored, because I really desire to honour my Lord!
Being fully persuaded in my heart to obey, can’t express how much since, I’ve been blessed every way!
Above anything I might ever have dreamed it could be, now Jerusalem the Golden, seems like going home to me!

* 2 Cor 6 v 17 and others, see also Jeremiah 10 v 2 ‘….learn not the way of the heathen’!!

The Lord thy God is a jealous God and He hates mixture!

Date : 30/11/-0001    Author : Jenny Halligan

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