A Personal Salvation

Salvation is trust – complete dependence on Christ
Holy Spirit flowing through us, via Jesus’ sacrifice
Everything atoned for, on Calvary’s cross,
Restoring Eden’s paradise, redeeming man’s loss.
(When I think back to Sarah, how she tried to ‘help God out’!
When she failed to fully trust God’s promised Word
Soon forgot what had been spoken, gave her hand-maid as a token!
So she could make things happen for the Lord!)
After 3 decades I see, how God’s been leading me,
I’ve been through wilderness, joys and distress
Many times a rough road, but as He’s taken my load,
I realise He’s been patiently waiting to bless!
But He will never by-pass His gift of free-will
Though where we won’t submit, He intercedes for us still!
I’m in such blessing now that I cannot contain
So, by grace, I won’t quench the Holy Spirit again!

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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