A New Year Prayer

I rededicate my life to You dear Lord, my heart, my soul, my mind.
Hold my hand sweet Jesus Christ, let my feet Your foot prints find.
May you Holy Spirit show me things I’ve never seen before,
I’m hungry for Your heavenly food, please feed me more yet more.

I thank you for the year gone by, the fellowship with Thee,
The precious gems dear Holy Spirit you have given to me.
Thank you for the lessons learnt, the chastisement for my good,
I’m sorry that I let You down, not doing what I should.

Dearest Father God on high, Your hands on me I don’t know why,
This feeling Lord so deep inside, fills me with love that makes me cry.
I thank thee from my very soul that I can feel Thy love for me, and
Most of all that through the cross, You filled me full of love for Thee.

O Holy Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, please fill my life,
With Thy pure words, Thy pure thoughts, beautiful bereft of strife.
Let Thy living water flow, to keep my soul alert awake,
Please lead me to a higher place, blessing every step I take.

Date : 01/01/2005    Author : Winifred Reilly

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