A Changed Heart

God can change the heart of man,
We think we know the best.
Whose heart needs changing?
He’s the one!
But God looks at the rest.
Is yours alright I heard Him say,
Is your heart free from sin;
Before you judge look at yourself,
Now start to pray again.
Oh Father give me a heart of love,
A heart so tender and true,
A heart just like the Lord Jesus Christ,
A heart that takes after You.
Change me first,
I’m the one who needs the cleansing blood.
I’m the one to be crucified,
To stand where Jesus stood,
Now I see more clearer still,
As my Father leads me on.
There are many hearts to be changed this day,
But mine has to be the first one.

Date : 01/01/2005    Author : Elsie Whittaker

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