7. Wounded For Me

(Isaiah 53:5)

The number 5 denotes grace and responsibility. It struck me that when chapters and verses were given to scripture " He was wounded for our transgressions " became verse 5 of chapter 53 of Isaiah.

A surgeon looking at this verse, instantly saw Calvary. He pointed out that there are five kinds of wounds that can be inflicted on the human body. Jesus bore them all. Truly, He was "wounded for our transgressions".


The Lord suffered this kind of wound when He was hit on the head with the reed and when He was punched in the face.


The scourge would produce this kind of wound. It was a vicious instrument
like a cat-o-nine tails, only its thongs were tipped with steel claws and
stones were sometimes added to the thongs.


The crown of thorns would produce these wounds. The Jerusalem thorn has great, long spikes. It was forced down upon His head and further pressed home by the blows of the reed.


The nails, of course, perforated, piercing right through His hands and His feet.


The spear, cutting into His side, made an incision. The blood and water which flowed were, of course, medical evidence that Jesus was truly dead.

This takes care of the swoon theory in a oner. Sceptics cannot take on our God who has out thought them all, through His Word and the testimonies of the witnesses. Glory.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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