1. The Ten Plagues Against Egypt


1. BLOOD – against HAPI the Nile God, the sustainer of life.

2. FROGS – against HEQT the Harvest God, who brought fruitfulness.

3. LICE – for PHARAOH a Man God, who stood for Egyptian purity.

4. FLIES – against the God UATCHIT, the oppressor of Egypt’s enemies

5. CATTLE DISEASED – against their God PTAH, the animal protector.

6. BOILS -against their God SEKHMET, the bringer of health.

7. HAIL – against their God NUT, the sustainer of the skies.

8. LOCUSTS – against the God ANUBUS, the protector of their crops.

9. DARKNESS – against the sun God RA, who brought light and warmth.

10. FIRSTBORN SLAIN – against their God OSIRIS, Lord of the Underworld.

What we can clearly see then is that YHVH, the G-d of the Hebrew Nation was showing His power against the 10 principal god’s of Eygpt and how there was no response from them. YHVH darkened the skies over Eygpt and their sun God Ra, the bringer of light had no anwser. Again and again the Egyptians saw the power of YHVH over their idols that were only made of stone and could not speak nor act. Ultimately their firstborn were to die throughout the land because they would not let His people go. We can imagine Pharaoh placing his dead son onto the lap of the statue of Osiris, lord of the underworld but there was no answer once again. Only the one true and living G-d has the power to resurrect the dead and we should note that Immanuel (G-d with us), The Lord Jesus (Adonai Yeshua) raised three people from the dead and then spoke of how He himself would rise from the dead. The life and death principle of the Holy Scriptures is repentance and as Pharaoh and his people would not do so they paid a heavy price! Sadly, for so many others if they do not repent in this life they will taste death and separation from G-d for all eternity. Heaven and Hell lie before us, the choice is ours! We will either accept or reject the gospel message! We will either become a saint or remain a sinner before a righteous G-d who has the right to make the rules and we have absolutely no right to break them! Sin and rebellion before a holy G-d has always been punished. The choice once again is ours! Our eternal destiny depends on what we do with the Word of G-d. Please go to the teaching on ‘How do I get to Heaven’ within our Teaching Articles page.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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