The Systematic Sequence of Events


  1. Paul’s opening remarks – verses 1-2.
    1. We are not to be deceived by any means!
    2. The falling away comes first and then The Man of Sin is revealed – verse 3.
    3. He sits as a false god – verse 4.
    4. Paul has previously taught these things and so they should remember – verse 5.
    5. And they now in God by illumination of The Word know that someone is restraining the Man of Sin/Man of Perdition being revealed in his time – v6.
    6. But the mystery of lawlessness is already with them and us! But He who restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. Why? So that evil will come to a climax or fullness on the earth – v 7.
    1. It is then that the lawless one will be revealed. Not before, not during but after the One who restrains departs -v8.
    2. The Lord will consume and destroy this evil with the brightness of His Coming – verse 8.
    1. Paul then teaches that the coming of the Lawless One will be through Satan with power, signs and lying wonders – verse 9.
    2. It is accompanied by deception – v 10.
      Non-believers will be fooled but we can’t be!
      1) We have His Word to teach us.
      2) We have His Spirit to guide us.
      3) We have discernment and are sealed.
  2. God sends strong delusion because they do
    not want the truth that they might be saved
    so they shall believe the lie – verses 10-11.

Saints, we believe the Truth that has set us free.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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