Revelation Chapters 8, 9, 10 & 11

First Divine Punishment

Revelation 6:1 – 9:21.

An Overview of things to come: This is seen in chapter 6 which we have already studied and in chapter 7 where we read of an interlude as we see the 144,000 sealed to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to the attention of the world before the seventh seal is opened. The conversion of the 144,000 sealed of Israel results in the conversion of a great multitude who have come out to be separate from the world and its false human ways.
(see Rev 7:1-17).

The Lamb’s judgment begins with the opening of the 7 SEALS :-

1st Seal – Rider on a White Horse brings Cold War (the threat of it – no sword).

2nd Seal – Rider on a Red Horse brings Real War.

3rd Seal – Rider on a Black Horse brings Famine.

4th Seal – Rider on a Pale Horse brings widespread Death – through war, starvation and by beasts. 1/4 of mankind dies through the sword, by hunger, by death and by the beasts of the earth.

5th Seal – The Cries of the Martyred.

6th Seal – Earthquake, Cosmic Disturbances in the heavens, Men’s Woes.
– Interlude –
7th Seal – About 30 minutes in Heaven of Silence before the 7 TRUMPETS:-(see Rev 8:1-6).

1st Trumpet – 1/3rd of vegetation destroyed – Rev 8:7.

2nd Trumpet – 1/3rd of sea turns into blood, 1/3rd sea life dies, 1/3rd ships destroyed due to a burning meteorite (mountain) striking the sea – Rev 8:8-9.

3rd Trumpet – 1/3rd of fresh water (rivers and springs) poisoned by a falling star called Wormwood (meaning bitter) from heaven, burning like a torch. Many die because of the poisoned water they drink – Rev 8:10-11.

4th Trumpet – 1/3rd of the sun, moon and stars struck by darkness – Rev 8:12-13.
An angel flying through the midst of heaven cries out ‘Woe, woe to the people of the earth for the last three trumpets are about to sound.’

5th Trumpet – 1st hellish invasion of demons upon the earth – Rev 9:1-12.
Key to bottomless pit given to a star fallen from heaven to the earth to release the demons – verses 1-2. They are like locusts with the power of scorpions to sting – verses 3-4. Men are tormented for 5 months but they do not die – verses 5-6. Their description is in verses 7-10. They wear something like a gold crown, their faces are like men’s. They have long hair like a women, teeth like a lion, tails that sting like scorpions. They have wings and armour to protect themselves as they torment mankind for 5 months, but they cannot touch the sealed of God – v 4.
Their king from the bottomless pit is called Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek which means the Destroyer.

6th Trumpet – 2nd hellish invasion of demons upon the earth – Rev 9:13-19.
The 4 angels who are bound are released from the Euphrates.
200,000 million army who are to destroy 1/3rd of mankind. Their description is in verse 17. They kill by the fire, smoke and brimstone that comes out of their mouths. 1/4 have already died leaving 3/4 (75%). Now 1/3rd of mankind dies (25%) leaving 1/2 or 50%. Thousands of Millions are to perish in future days!
The present world population is 7,206,528,000 and counting.

The USA dept estimated the world population to be 7,137 billion people in 2013*.
• Previous figures are:-
• 5 Billion: 1987
• 4 Billion: 1974
• 3 Billion: 1960 *Between 1960 and 2013 we have grown by 4 billion people.
• 2 Billion: 1927
• 1 Billion: 1804
If we are in the last generations we are going to see 1/4 of 7.1 billion die which is 1.78 billion leaving 5.32 billion then 1/3rd of this which is 1.77 leaving 3.55 billion which means out of 7.1 billion we see 3.55 billion are to perish leaving 3.55 billion which is 50% of 7.1 billion. The figures are staggering …. 50% of the world’s population are to perish in the years to come!
After half of mankind have died we are told that the rest of mankind did not repent of their worship towards idols and the demons behind them. Nor of their murders, their sorceries, their sexual immorality and their thefts. Rev 9:20-21.

7th Trumpet – The Kingdom of God proclaimed – Rev 11:15-19. But before we study these verses we have to look at chapters 10 and 11 as we shall see a second interlude from Rev 10:1 to 11:14.
This includes the following:-
1. The Message of the Angel of God – Rev 10:1-11 including
The Measuring of the Temple of God – Rev 11:1-2.
2. The Ministry of the Two Witnesses of God – Rev 11:3-14.

Revelation chapter 10 – contains the mystery of the 7 Thunders (Voices).

Revelation chapter 11 – teaches us about the ministry of the 2 Witnesses of God.
After their testimony and ministry they are then killed and lie in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 and a 1/2 days before being resurrected. Much speculation has gone on as to who these two are. (Scriptures shows us that Enoch, Moses and Elijah were taken by God). Most scholars look to Moses and Elijah, as representing the Law and the Prophets.

In our next Study we shall look at the Second Divine Punishment as the Lamb of God allows Satan to rule for a season in Rev chapters 12 and 13. There are 7 Divine Punishments in total taking us through to Revelation chapter 19 verse 21.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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