Revelation Chapter 5

Heavenly Worshippers

Within chapters 4 and 5 we can see 5 companies of worshippers:-

1. The Four Living Creatures worship The Eternal God – Revelation 4:8.
2. The Twenty Four Elders worship The Creator God – Revelation 4:10-11.
3. The Living Creatures and the Elders worship The Redeemer – Revelation 5:8-10.
4. The Living Creatures, Elders and Angels worship The Lamb,
the One who conquered death – Revelation 5:11-12.
5. Every Creature in Heaven, on Earth and under the Earth,
worships The Ruler of the Universe – Revelation 5:13-14.

The Lamb of God

Key verses: Revelation 5:1-7.

The Blood of the Lamb – shed for our Redemption – Revelation 5:5, 9.
The Bride of the Lamb – title of our Relationship – Revelation 19:7-8.
The Book of Life of the Lamb – kept for our Registration – Revelation 20:15.

The New Song

Revelation 5:9-10.

1. The highest note – “You are worthy.”
2. The greatest sacrifice – “For You were slain”
3. The sweetest theme – “And have redeemed us to God by Your blood.”
4. The widest result – “Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”
5. The newest relationship – “And have made us kings and priests to our God.”
6. The brightest hope – “ And we shall reign on the earth.”

The Worthy One

Revelation 5:9-12.

Key verse: Revelation 5:2. “Who is worthy to open the Scroll and to loose its seals?”

1. The Person who is worthy –
He who has the Majesty of a Lion and the Meekness of a Lamb – verses 5-6, 9.
2. The Proclamation of His worth –
He has paid for us the price of Redemption – verse 9.
He has conferred on us the Privilege of Priesthood – verse 10.
He has given us the Prospect of Reigning – verse 10.
3. The Proof of His worth –
He receives the worship of the Angels, the Living Creatures, the Elders – verse 11.

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