Revelation Chapter 19

The Return of the Lord Jesus to Reign and Rule

Sixth Divine Punishment – Revelation 19:1-21

Two sections:

1) The Glory Feast in Heaven – verses 1 to 10.
2) The Gory Feast on the Earth – verses 11 to 21.

First section:

1) The two Hallelujah’s of the Saints in Heaven – verses 1 to 3.
The first two of the four Hallelujah’s recorded in these verses is towards our God for His true and righteous judgement against Babylon the Great Whore. These four Hallelujah’s are the only ones recorded in the New Testament as the Lord God Almighty is saluted by His people for His perfect salvation, His glory, His honour and His power.

2) The Hallelujah of the 24 Elders and the Four Living Creatures – verse 4.
This group immediately say Amen in agreement and worship God with their own cry of Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.
It may be that the first group of saints above are the Tribulation Saints that suffered so much at the hands of the wickedness of Babylon.

3) The Hallelujah of the Great Multitude – verses 5 to 6.
These verses now show us that ALL the saints together, being a Great Multitude, cry out Hallelujah as they worship their God and King.

4) The Marriage Supper of the Lamb announced – verses 7 to 8.
The Bridegroom and Bride are now ready to be wed and to enjoy a great banquet together.
This will either be in Heaven or on the Earth and so we must wait and see. What is made clear is that the fine linen adorning the saints is the product of their righteous acts as disciples whilst they served their risen Lord during their life on the earth..

5) The Blessedness of those invited to the Lamb’s Supper – verses 9 to 10.
Those invited are so truly and wonderfully blessed that the revelation of this is so awesome that John falls down in an act of worship but is told by the angel that he is just his fellow servant towards God. The angel then speaks about the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy. From this we can see that our Lord Jesus is not only the major theme of Scripture but the central theme of Prophecy. God the Father gave His Son the fourfold promise of the Davidic Covenant as well as being the Word of God who created all things.

Second section:

1) The Revealing of the King of Kings – verses 11 to 13.
Adonai Yeshua the Lord Jesus is spoken of here as being the One who is Faithful and True. It is a most fitting description as He was truly faithful and true in all He did as the Suffering Servant of God. Being faithful means to be loyal and steadfast just as true means to be genuine and sincere. These describe His life as the Anointed One of God who came to save.
At His first coming our Messiah was meek and lowly riding into His city on the colt of a donkey. Now He returns in majestic splendour on a white horse to execute righteous judgment. He wears many crowns and has a glorious name only He knows. There is a parallel again in that when He was whipped/scourged His robe would have been stained with blood and on His return His robe is seen as dipped in blood and he is called The Word of God. Isaiah wrote that He will tread the winepress of God’s fury Himself as He deals with the Anti-Christ and the armies of the world (see Isaiah 63:1-6). We also now have the fulfilment of Isaiah 64:1-2 which is a plea from the Prophet for the Lord to rend the heavens and to come down and deal with His enemies that the nations may tremble at His presence. As it is written so shall it be. Amen.

2) The Second Coming of the King of Kings – verses 14 to 16.
We now read of this as God’s divine judgement through His Son, the Lord Jesus, descends with the armies of Heaven riding on white horses. They are clothed in fine linen, white and clean denoting purity. He will smite the nations and then rule them with a ‘Rod of Iron.’ Peace, equality and equity will finally flourish on the earth for almost a 1,000 years.
Since records began it has been worked out that the nations have enjoyed less than 400 years of peace between one another. Weapons are to be turned into agricultural tools, prosperity and peace shall at last be enjoyed for nothing shall be hurt in all His holy mountain, the earth.
It is in these verses that we now have the prophetic writings of the Psalms, Isaiah, Joel, Amos, Zephaniah, Zechariah, Matthew, Luke and John being fulfilled regarding the end times scenario. Many will lament for not believing that that which is written shall be. Amen.

3) The Battle of Armageddon as Satan and sinners are defeated – verses 17 to 19.
John the Apostle now sees an Angel standing in the sun crying out with a loud voice what is now to happen. The Beast being the world ruler and his ruling kings are now defeated along with all those who have followed them into battle. We have a sharp contrast between those invited to the Lord’s great supper and all the birds of the air being invited to a great supper of feasting on the flesh men who have despised and rejected God’s way of salvation.

4) The Doom of the Beast and the False Prophet – verse 20.
The fate of the Anti-Christ (the Beast) and the false prophet is that they are to be thrown into the Lake of Fire where they will be alone for a 1,000 years. It is to be their eternal abode, the prison sentence of all prison sentences. They are alive but in torment and anguish of soul and spirit forever and ever. The Devil and all those in Hell will join them in due course as it is written. Rev 20:10, 14.

5) The Doom of the Beast’s Army – verse 21.
Chapter 19 finishes with the graphic description of all the birds of the air feasting on the flesh
of the army led by the Anti-Christ. This then is the remnant of the armies of the world that were not killed in verse 15 and it brings to a conclusion the great day of battle spoken of by the prophets in the Old Testament.

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